Check out what readers had to say about Godmode!

“There were good moments, cleverly structured into the plot, like the meetings and encounters of real human beings still alive and joining forces with Elijah, the main character, to survive. The backstory too was skilfully written into the flow of the plot, nothing seemed forced, and Quan displayed skill as not just a writer, but as a story-teller.”
Calixtus Wee, via GoodReads

“Quan Williams gives us a story that causes the reader to ask questions; Could this really happen? Has something similar to this been covered up? Have any of us been duped by a pharmaceutical company?”
Debra Mauldin, Dragon-Knight Chronicles

“Being inside Elijah’s head brought the gore and horror of his situation into sharp focus. Descriptions were often graphic and the creatures the stuff of nightmares. The action was non-stop throughout – he faced a new horror at every turn. I found his humour a nice touch; it gave me a little breathing space.”
Melissa Barker-Simpson, Writing Room 101

“Godmode is enjoyable, bloody and unforgiving, never wavering in its goal of shocking the reader…The gradual unraveling of Elijah’s personality works as a fine glue to hold these pieces together.”
Matt Molgaard, via

“Godmode was incredible! I loved the transformation and the idea that all can be redeemed. It’s not for the faint at heart, but it is for those who know that there are some things worth fighting for: family, friends, and love.”
Evelyn Rainey, via

“This is a very good book. I enjoyed reading it. The pace is fast, the action sharp, and the characters are well developed.”
 – Kortick, via reviews

“If you love Sci-fi, you’ll LOVE Godmode!! It’s a real page turner that you won’t be able to out down!”
- Christal, via reviews

“This book is awesome. There needs to be a game made!”
- Bret, via Facebook

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