Double Entry, the novel by Quan Williams

The Novel by Quan Williams

The Main Characters

Dana Bartlett

Dana is driven, pays attention to detail and is the best CPA in her firm. She is bitter at Melvin for what he did, but is afraid of losing control over her son as he enters puberty.

Melvin Lockhart

Melvin has grown considerably since he first sired his son, and wants desperately for a chance to show that to Dana and Roy. Now he must carefully balance managing a 300-employee company while covering for his partner's mistakes, and rebuilding the relationship with a son who wouldn't know his father if he was sitting in front of him...whch he actualy is.

Roy Bartlett

Roy has just entered his teen years, and is starting to discover his identity apart from his mother. Unfortunately, with no father figure around, he is getting his direction from his best friend, a boy who may not be a very good influence for him. Mr. Lockhart impresses him a great deal. Too bad his deadbeat dad couldn't have been more like him.

Calloway Arnold

Melvin's longtime business partner and best friend has been an enigma lately, behaving strangely and having strong issues with Melvin's new employee. Does he have something to hide?