I need proofreaders!

Okay, here’s an update on my projects:

  1. Godmode is selling briskly. It’s not on pace to be a bestseller or anywhere near the top of the Amazon book list, but it is moving units. It’s humbling that almost 1000 people have picked up copies of the book since its release in April, and a few people have taken time to chime in on what they thought of it. I even appreciate the not-so-flattering reviews. At least you cared enough to say SOMETHING. The plan is to continue to promote the book any way I can. I actually want to post some google ads, but I’m having a hard time freeing up the  money to invest in an extensive marketing campaign.
  2. I haven’t forgotten about The Seizure. I’ve actually written scripts for the next 4 chapters. Chapters 6-9 are all finished and ready to go. All they need is art. Problem is I’ve been working insane hours at the dayjob as well as taking as many freelance clients as my brain can handle. I’m actually quite proud of myself for how I managed to tie everything in the story together. But there’s still the final chapter to be written, and as of right now I have no idea how this thing is going to end. All I know is that Bobby and his buddies are headed for a major showdown against a most unexpected foe. I have no idea how this confrontation is going to play out. I just know that somehow I want all of Bobby’s allies to have a moment of shine, and I want Bobby’s battle to be EPIC. Also, finding the time to actually do the artwork for the chapters I have finished has been a Herculean task. I take my art supplies with me almost everywhere, but there’s never any time to pull them out and actually do anything with them. The final issue is that I promised to continue doing webcomic reviews (I’ve got a huge list of comics to look at stored) but I haven’t done a single one. Not. A. Single. One. Honestly, the motivating factor of the webcomic reviews was for marketing and driving traffic to my own webcomic, and with the actual comic on hold, that seems kind of pointless. But sooner or later, one day I will get The Seizure back on track – I hate leaving stories unfinished.
  3. I still have plans to reissue The leopard Man as a self-publishing venture. I’ll probably put it out through a combination of Createspace, Kindle publishing, Nook and Smashwords. And I would offer the download for FREE as a big middle finger to the-publisher-that-shall-not-be-named. But it involves a total, complete reformatting of the manuscript, going through and finding/fixing the typos that their editors were too lazy to look for, not to mention setting the book up for all of these different venues. Truth be told, it is not very high on my priority list. Not very high at all. But if there’s a demand for the book, I’ll see what I can do about making it available.
  4. But right about now I’m getting the itch to start working on a new story. I’ve been talking with my old buddy Amy Lewis about maybe collabing on an action crime flick screenplay, on some “Taken meets Law Abiding Citizen crossed over with Falling Down” isht. And I’ve been thinking about delving into starting the first book of my high fantasy epic “Kingdom in the closet.” I already have the book outlined and some worldbuilding done, I just need to start writing. And of course, there’s always planning out the next book in the Godmode trilogy (yes, I intended for it to be a trilogy).
    Problem is, I have a nasty habit of starting multiple projects and inching forward on all of them at once. I’ve been trying to be more “one project at a time,” but it’s hard to do because I know I have a limited time in this mortal coil and I keep getting bombarded with ideas (in fact, I got a couple of cool app ideas I just pitched to some programmer buddies of mine). But before I start pouring my time and energy into a new book, I want to see how far I can take the current manuscript I have sitting on my hard drive.
    This is where you come in.
    I’m working on the second draft of my literary love story “Spades.” It chronicles two college sweethearts as they fall in love and build their relationship in college, then fight to stay together as they deal with the harsh realities of life after graduation. It’s a book about falling in love, staying in love through trials and hardship, and playing the hand one is dealt. I want this story to be absolutely irresistible to agents and publishers, but for that to happen I need some extra sets of eyes to look at this story and tell me how it can be improved.
    I’m putting out an open call to all of my people and everyone reading this blog. I NEED PROOFREADERS! I really need some people to read my story over, pick it apart, ask questions and give me some intel I can use to make the story as good as it can be. Can you please find it in your heart and in your schedule to check it out? I’ll include your name in my acknowledgements or dedication once the book sees print. Contact me at quan@quanwilliams.com if you’re interested.
  5. Can you do it? Please? I’ll be your best friend…