Quan’s first love is storytelling. He enjoys telling stories in a variety of genres, whether it be as short stories or in novel form.

Quan’s Published Novels

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Novels Quan is currently working on

Queen of Hearts, King of Spades: A literary love story about college sweethearts dealing with the harsh realities of postgrad life.
(Currently seeking proofreaders to critique completed draft)

Needle: An Urban Fantasy thriller about a duo of adventurers searching for a magic artifact hidden in the south side of Chicago.
(Currently seeking proofreaders for completed first draFT)

Return of the Tyrant: A High Fantasy epic where a hero has to join forces with his arch-nemesis to combat an even larger threat.
(Currently writing. This is the first novel in a series called The Aftermath Saga)

Godmode: Redemption: The follow-up to Godmode, chronicling Elijah’s search for his daughter.
(Currently prewriting)

Quan’s Published Short Stories

That Weird Kid: A young girl wonders about the strange behavior of her fifth grade classmate.

The Scrying Pool: The renegade Wizard Abjicnal plots against his enemies in the world of The Aftermath Saga.

The Golem: Abjicnal’s second short story.
(Won third Place in MTG Salvation short Story contest)

The Darkglass Armor: Another story of Abjicnal.