About Jugghead

I wrote my first rap in 1987, after hearing Doug E. Fresh's "The Show" for the first time. Since then, I've been constantly making music and trying to spread the Jugghead gospel. In high school, I built my name and reputation doing demos and shows alongside DJ Professor Crookyd as part of the rap groups Codename: ICE and QnA. In college, I held it down alongside Waxo, Hookdiggy and Devastator as part of the groups M2S and Maize & Blue. Postgrad I represented Flint-town and the D with Zod as part of the group Phalanx International. As part of these groups I released four CDs, appeared in two music videos and performed in countless shows in Flint, Ann Arbor, Mount Clemens and Detroit. I've always had solo material, and I even recorded a few projects, but I was never able to get my solo music to the masses...until now.


When my nephew found out that I rapped, he asked me to describe my rapping style. That's not really an easy thing for me to do, since I often change styles to fit the needs of the song I work on. What I say is always more important than how I say it, and anyone who hears my flow will hear elements of everybody from KRS-ONE to Jay-Z to Common to Eminem to Black Thought to Pharoahe Monch and a host of others in between. My flow changes from song to song and sometimes in the middle of a song.
But since I focus more on content than delivery, there are a few things that link most of my material together. One is that I like wit and cleverness. I like metaphors, complex rhyme schemes, onomatapeia, offbeat humor, obscure pop culture references, relevant factoids and anything in general that makes me think. I am NOT a fan of dumbed-down, oversimplified lyrics or music. I understand there is a place for that, but that place is not in my music player. Secondly, I like to talk frankly and candidly about whatever is on my mind. Whether poking fun at the male libido in my song "My Pride" or comparing the idea of following your dreams vs. following the crowd in my song "Crabs," I will always show you the world exactly as I see it, whether you agree with my world view or not. No sugarcoating, no exaggerating, no romanticizing. I offer you my personal opinion on a subject, and I try to avoid making something sound any better or worse than it really think it is. and I do not get so caught up in how cool my flow sounds that I fail to get my point across, even if my point is simply "I Am Better Than You." For me, style must follow substance.


These are the music projects I appeared on prior to 48505, as well as unreleased demos. If you are interested in hearing any of them, contact me.