Boarilla from the sci-fi novel Godmode

“It’s a giant boar with two oversized, gore-stained tusks that shoot upwards out of its mouth, jagged and worn probably from tearing into flesh and bone too often. At least, it has a boar’s head. It is merged with what looks like an oversized silverback gorilla’s body. Its large belly is twice the size of its chest, and as it heaves, I can see slivers of raw flesh poking out through the skin and fur. There are slash marks all over its grotesquely muscled chest and shriveled left arm.

It appears to be wounded, probably from a ferocious fight with its last victim. Its right arm, beset in patches of lizard’s scales, appears to be about three times the size of its left.”

- Excerpt from Godmode, the new sci-fi thriller novel from Quan Williams.