Quan has always had a passion for games, and enjoys creating new board / card games for people to enjoy.

Quan’s Published Games

Syndicate: The Underworld
An expandable standalone card game based on Organized crime.
The Story behind the game:
In 2007, I started an afterschool class where I taught my students how to play Magic: The Gathering. One of the excersizes I had my students engage in
was designing their own, personalized Magic: The Gathering cards. While creating the questionnaire for this project, I had been reading articles written by MTG head of design Mark Rosewater on the official MTG Website.
His insights into the process of designing a card game inspired me, and gave me the itch to create a new game of my own. I didn’t know of too many games based on organized crime, and I thought that would be a rich idea to explore in game form, so I began developing the game engine for a card game based on three warring Crime families…and the Police that are determined to shut them all down.
once I had a working prototype, I presented my game to my students to test and give me feedback. They all gave me valuable input and asked lots of tough questions which helped me refine the game even more. Once I had the engine in place, I designed the layout template of the cards, and created artwork to match the themes presented in the individual cards. I even designed packaging for the game.
I had a hard time finding a publisher for the game, but then I found out about a Print-On-Demand website where I could self-publish my game. If this game is successful, I have plans in the works for a follow-up expansion based on the gangsters of the Prohibition era.

Buy The complete game here

Beast Wars: The Mutating Card Game

A hybrid card game/ board game based on the popular Hasbro toy line.
The Story behind the game:
Shortly after disovering Magic: The Gathering, I started wondering what other cool properties would benefit from having a trading card game. The first to come to mind was Hasbro’s Transformers property. I had a personal website via my Alma Mater, so I used the site to make public a few of my ideas of what a Transformers CCG would feature. A few people emailed me to chime in their own ideas on a TF CCG. Eventually I was contacted by Rich Garner in Virginia, who had some ideas for a TF CCG…but unlike the others, wanted to seriously collaborate on creating a prototype for the game and submitting it to Hasbro through a game marketing company he knew. I said “Why not?” and we spent the majority of 1995 creating the rules, graphics and materials for the card game. We made a generic property (Metalface) to allow us to copyright the game engine, and I even created a few prototype cards for an expansion of the game engine based on harmony Gold’s ROBOTECH.
We got the finished product to Hasbro, and they liked the game, but due to contractual issues with another gaming company, they were unable to purchase the game. There was some good news, however. Their game division was in the process of developing a simple card-based board game which tied in to their TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS franchise. They liked our game engine enough to take some elements from our card game and incorporate it into their game, and paid us $1500 apiece plus a small percentage of the profits from the game for our contributions.
Unfortunately, a lack of marketing and promotion for the game led to a lack of interest from the buying public, and the game was short-lived.

Game Overview
Review of the game by Philip Reed
Review of the game by Boardgame Geek
More info about Battlecards

Lanx Invaders

A simple spaceship shoot-em-up Flash game.
The Story behind the game:
From 1999 through 2001 I was vice-president and art director of an entertainment corporation called Phalanx International, Inc.
During my time there, I created a number of products that tied into the company. I created the logo and corporate identity for the corporation, and handled all promotional materials (i.e. flyers, CD covers, T-shirts and merchandise). Among the tie-in products were a comic book starring members of the group, and a small shoot-em-up videogame programmed in Adobe Flash. I always wanted to make a video game, and shortly after I learned Flash, I looked up a tutorial on how to do it.

play the game here.

Games Currently In Development

RuleArt1aRule The School!:
A card game based on improving the behavior of students in school.
(Game engine is finished. trying to save up enough money to commission original art for the cards.)
View the indiegogo funding project behind Rule The School here.

WG-5aThe Seizure:
Trading card game based on Quan’s webcomic, “The Seizure”.
(Currently in preplanning stage: card design and some artwork done)

Games Quan Contributed to:

Metalface, by Rich Garner:
A traditional tabletop RPG chronicling a world of sentient robots.
(helped develop a few of the rules and contributed illustrations)

Pirates Vs. Knights, by Leo Martinez:
A 2-player boardgame pitting Pirates against Knights.
(mentored Leo and his design/development team on creating their game, designed gameboard and cards according to Leo’s specifications.)