Quan enjoys combining his writing and artistic interests into unique comic-styled projects.

Quan’s Current Comix


The Seizure
An action webcomic featuring superpowers, mixed martial arts, magic, and a robot.

Volume One: A teenaged boy is given immense power to defeat an ancient force of destruction. can Bobby beat the five forms of The Seizure?

Volume Two: Bobby now deals with the consequences of his battle against The Seizure. Has mankind lost control of its newfound power? and what can Bobby do about it?

Weekend Heroes: a supplemental side-story featuring a team of inept superheroes, all of whom play a crucial role in The Seizure’s overall story.

Quan has taken an indefinite hiatus from The Seizure, but someday hopes to return to the property and finish the story. Four new chapters have been written and are awaiting art. The first volume is available as a collected edition on Weekend Heroes is being posted currently.

Previously published:

Unbeatable Heroes: A humor strip chronicling the world’s most random heroes! These are stories where he took characters created for him by (or based on) some buddies of his in college, and throwing them into completely random, nonsensical adventures. Hilarity ensues. Originally published in 2003, Quan eventually plans to re-post all of his original strips, and add new ones.

Comix in Development:

Bad Meets Evil: previously an unpublished novel, This is a crime noir/dark comedy about seven despicable people caught up in a contest that none of them can win.
(complete story finished, thumbnails for first three issues finished)

Phalanx: Revolution: An epic science fiction adventure based on concepts introduced by Fred Saberhagen. Quan’s upcoming novel NEEDLE takes places within this world.
(Script and Thumbnails finished for first six issues)

Storm Pigeon: A tale of love and revenge, starring a common pigeon…with a gun.
(First issue is finished, layouts for second issue completed, script finished for final issue)