Birthday Food Freebies 2 – This Time It’s Personal

With me just having had my 40th birthday, I’ve tried to get my hands on as much free birthday stuff as I could muster. I’ve had discounts on oil changes and free movie popcorn sent to me, among other things. There is absolutely no shame in my game: where I come from, the system was set up for me not to make it past 21. So I’m going to enjoy every year anniversary of God getting me through another year. And if somebody’s offering something to me for my birthday for free, I’m going to take it.

In a previous blog, I’ve given my rundown of a few restaurant birthday clubs I was part of, with ratings of how valuable their birthday deals were. The clearcut winners were Red Robin and Ruby Tuesday. Well, now it’s time for another round of birthday freebies. Check it out.

Freakin Unbelievable burger: if you are fortunate enough to live in Southeast Michigan or Kentucky, you should give these guys a try. They make very unique burgers. Their offer is pretty simple: you get a free, custom-made burger for your birthday. You can’t beat that (unless they throw in some fries). Just make sure they get the order right. The location near me gave me the wrong burger and I didn’t find out until after I got home. Rating: 4.5 birthday candles

Texas Roadhouse: these guys offer free ribs or appetizer with purchase. Since I am a rib fanatic (don’t tell my anti-pork wife though), this is a great deal. One can always make room for some extra ribs. Rating: 4 birthday candles

California Pizza Kitchen:
Their offer is pretty simple: free dessert, no questions asked. I can dig that. pair that up with their initial offer (a free side dish just for joining) and you have a nice offering to go with. Their fried mac n cheeze balls are TO DIE FOR. Rating: 3 birthday candles

Golden Corral: Their birthday club offers a BOGO buffet. Basically, it allows somebody to treat you to an all-you can-eat meal. You’ve still got to pay for your own drink, though. I strongly advise you avoid their Apple Soda. It tastes horrible. I wasn’t really impressed with their burboun chicken entrée and their steak mini-sandwiches were a bit dry. Their fried chicken and taters were decent, tho. Rating: 3 birthday candles

Applebees – these guys offer a free dessert with any meal. Their desserts are decent, and they have a nice selection. You gotta make sure you go to the right one, though, or they’ll make you have to dine-in to get it. Rating: 2.5 birthday candles

Chilis – These guys also offer you a free dessert. It would be as solid as CPK, but there’s a catch. Not every Chilis’s participates in their rewards club, so there’s a chance youmight get a hassle when trying to redeem your dessert. At the one in Flint, I had to not only purchase an entrée, but I had to dine-in to get my dessert. Not optimal when you want takeout. Also, you only get 2 weeks to redeem. Rating: 2 birthday candles

Bagger Daves – Their birthday offer is weaksauce. They only give you a 5 dollar credit off any purchase. Considering how ridiculously expensive their burgers are, that’s not much of a deal. You might be able to get a beverage out of it. Like with Red Lobster last time, their birthday offer basically covers the tip. Rating: 1 birthday candle.

So that is round two of the birthday club freebies. Use this information wisely.

Birthday Food Freebies – The Inside Scoop

Yeah, it’s my birthday. Yeah, I’m thisclose to 40, and yeah, I’m getting my second (third? Fourth? 25th? I’ve lost count) creative wind. But that’s not important right now. What’s important is that I’ve signed up for a whole bunch of food clubs at the high end restaurants near my home. I expected to be inundated with a deluge of free entrée offers to have I and my wife blissfully munching for all of this week. The actual results? Not so much. Can’t say I’m not disappointed.

But anyway, here’s the inside scoop on the restaurants I signed up for, and what they offer in terms of birthday freebies, as well as my ratings for them. If I ordered an item, I would try to split it with the wife, because I’m that type of guy.

  1. Red Robin – you can’t go wrong with “free burger and fries, no questions asked”. The only restriction is their premium burgers. I got the Whiskey River BBQ burger. Good stuff, but I don’t like steak fries. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosy. Rating: 5-birthday candles.
  2. Ruby Tuesdays – they also offer the free burger and fries, but they also include a free biscuit (describe the biscuit). The burger selection is limited to $8 and under, though. I ordered the Smoked cheddar roadhouse burger. Excellent sammich, but the wife couldn’t eat it because she doesn’t do pork, and I didn’t know they put bacon in it. Rating: 5-birthday candles.
  3. Logans – they offer a free appetizer or dessert. Pretty nifty but they have a $8 limit, which only covers about half of their appetizer menu. Their dessert selection was rather limited too. On the plus side, the appetizer comes with four of their rolls, which are REALLY good. I ordered their bourbon BBQ wings. I liked ‘em, but they were a bit spicy for the wife. Rating: 5-birthday candles.
  4. Don Pablos – they add ten bucks to your Habaneros club gift card, which is good for pretty much any single item on the menu. Needless to say, you can get a LOT at Don Pablos for ten bucks. I ordered a combo of two enchiladas (one beef, one chicken) and a large chicken taco with some chili potatoes (which were deelish) and some great Mexican rice, along with the standard homemade naked nachos and salsa. These guys LOAD YOU UP. Rating: 5-birthday candles.
  5. BD’s Mongolian Barbecue– buy a bowl, get an unlimited meal free. This one is sneaky good. It’s basically an all-you-can-eat deal for one cheap bowl. And if you’ve ever been to BDMB, you know that you can go wild with those ingredients. Rating: 4-birthday candles.
  6. Famous Daves– buy an entrée, get one half off. This one’s respectable, especially considering somebody’s going to be treating you for your birthday. Basically it’s a half-off discount on either your meal or whoever’s treating you. It doesn’t beat free, but it’s still a decent bargain. Rating: 3-birthday candles.
  7. UNO- $10 off a $25 order. I’m giving this one a passing grade only because I looooove their shrimp skewers, and getting half off an order of those is a good thing. Rating: 3-birthday candles
  8. Joe’s Crab Shack – free appetizer, but have to buy an entrée first. I don’t consider this much of a deal because Joe’s food is pretty durned expensive, and some of that crab is literally PAINFUL to eat. Have you tried cracking that spined crab? My hands were sore for a week! Rating: 2.5-birthday candles
  9. Fuddruckers – $5 off a $25 order. This one really isn’t too spectacular, since $25 won’t really get you that much at Fudd’s (Maybe a bigger burger, but that’s it). So the $5 off is really just a supersize option, to take your burger from merely huge up to gargantuan. Rating: 2-birthday candles
  10. Olive Garden – free appetizer or dessert with purchase of 2 entrees. I can see some value in this. You got a nice romantic dinner with your luvved one, and then you get a free appetizer to boot. Bonus. The wife wasn’t too impressed with it, though. Rating: 2-birthday candles
  11. Red Lobster– $5 off any 2 entrees. This is probably the worst deal of the group. A dinner for two at Red lobster can easily run you anywhere from $30 to $80 with appetizers, drinks and dessert. Taking a measley $5 off your bill is weaksauce – basically it barely covers the cost of the tip. Rating: 1-birthday candle.

So now that you know who’s got the hookup, why are you still reading this? Go get signed up for these clubs RIGHT NOW!