March 2013

The biggest news to report is the most obvious: the fact that this site exists again. During all of my website revamping, the official Leopard Man site got left in the cold, as I sought more to promote Double Entry and put this novel in the past.

This was mainly because it was still undercontract to The-Lame-Publisher-That-Shall-Not-be-Named.

But my novel's contract with that publisher finally ended, and the publishing rights to The Leopard Man are mine once again! my first move is to make the book available again, this time as a Kindle download that is MUCH more reasonably priced than the ridiculous $20 price The-Lame-Publisher-That-Shall-Not-be-Named charged (of which I only saw $1.50). Once the book is available inthe Kindle store, I will start the process of also setting it up in Smashwords so it will be available to other formats, as well.

While I'm getting all of that set up, I'm offering a limited time deal to you guys.

From now until the book is available in the Kindle store, you can download the entire Leopard Man manuscript For Free.

That's right, I'm giving the book away. Download the .pdf file and read it on you phone or tablet!

Download The Leopard Man Here.