Quan’s first love is storytelling. He enjoys telling stories in a variety of genres, whether it be as short stories or in novel form. Quan’s Published Novels Novels Quan is currently working on Queen of Hearts, King of Spades: A


Quan enjoys combining his writing and artistic interests into unique comic-styled projects. Quan’s Current Comix


Quan has always had a passion for games, and enjoys creating new board / card games for people to enjoy. Quan’s Published Games An expandable standalone card game based on Organized crime. The Story behind the game: In 2007, I


Quan has been writing, performing, producing and recording music under the alias of Jugghead. His primary genre is Hip-Hop, but he has also worked in Christian/Gospel, Nerdcore, and Electronica. Jugghead’s Official Website Purchase Jugghead’s music here Jugghead’s Video Channel Preorder